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Denver Secrets:
Street Prostitution
(Locations of Denver Prostitutes and Hookers)

Colfax Ave
Capitol Hill neighborhood
Mississippi Ave
Federal Blvd
West Alameda Ave
Blake St
S Abilene St, Aurora

Denver street hookers typically charge $20 for oral and $40 for a half-and-half. Higher-quality prostitutes charge $40 for oral and between $60 and $80 for a back-seat encounter.

SecretCity does not endorse sex with prostitutes because there's no such thing as "safe sex" with a prostitute. Soliciting street prostitutes for sex is illegal and dangerous. Depending on local laws, you can be arrested, have your car impounded, be put in jail, fined, forced to go to counseling, tested for disease, and have your picture shown on TV, published on the web or in a newspaper. Also streetwalkers typically congregate in high-crime areas where you can be victimized in numerous ways. If you plan to have sexual contact with a prostitute, buy a condom first and don't forget to use it.

Denver Secrets:
Gay Cruising Areas

16th Street Pavillions
Berkeley Park
Bluff Lake Recreation Area
Cheeseman Park
Clear Creek
Crown Hill Park
Denver City Park
Ruby Hill Park

SecretCity does not endorse anonymous sex in public places because it is illegal and dangerous. If you go cruising, buy a condom first and don't forget to use it.


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